DX Bunker Boys & Girls

Welcome to the DX Bunker Boys and Girls adult hockey training session page for beginners and intermediate players.

We aim to give a fun way for adults over 18 years old to give hockey a go, where your not worried about getting into a competitive team and overexerting yourself.


Typically we have all ages, but our average age is around 35, 18 being the youngest and 75 the oldest. Provided you are over 18 and fit and healthy then you are welcome. Male or female equally welcome. We have lots of husbands / wives, boy-friends / girlfriends.


For beginners – Skating – provided you can skate around the rink without assistance or needing to grab the sides then you meet the minimum. Reasonable stability is all that is needed. If you ski or roller skate then you have a head start.


No experience is needed. If you have some racket sports, team sports or hockey experience that is a great For Intermediate – you will be a confidant or better skater and have played hockey before.


Both beginner & intermediate are non-checking sessions, this does not mean non-contact, Hockey is a contact checking sport. The difference is no “intentionally” body contact is allowed ie checking. When fighting for the puck you may find you collide or do contact your opponent or your teammate


It’s not high intensity, you will be pushed though, otherwise you won’t improve our emphasis is on having fun and enjoying & improving. We always have a “scrimmage” or game at the end with even teams & Ice time (whistle subbing)

Your instructors

Coaching – Our sessions are led by head coach Jason Khan, Level 2 EIHA (English Ice Hockey Association) coach, Coached Roller Hockey for over 25 years and ex GB RH coach and player, degree in sport psychology and nutrition and sports fitness. Anne Khan, Level 1 EIHA, ex GB womens Roller Hockey Player. Plus guest coaches from time to time.

Where & When We Train

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink

Alexandra Palace Ice rink, Alexandra Palace, N22, 7AY.
(FREE parking outside the rink)

Day: Friday Evenings
Time: 21:30 – 23:30
Price: £25.00



In the beginner you will be taught how to play hockey, skate like a hockey player. How to shoot, pass correctly and the technical skills of hockey.

The instruction is predominately designed to improve your “skills” bank so you can play hockey.


Our intermediates will benefit from higher level varied tactical and technical training that will stretch you physicaly but also mentally.

We aim to get you start to think more about your game and give you the chance to learn more advanced skills

Protective Equipment Needed

Equipment Checklist

Required (even if hiring):

  • Hockey Ice Skates
  • Jock/Pelvic Protection

Essential (Can be hired):

  • Hockey Stick
  • Helmet (with visor or cage)
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shorts
  • Knee & Shin Guards

Recommended (Can be hired):

  • Shoulder Pads
  • Hockey Shorts

Optional Extras

  • Dark Coloured Training Jersey
  • White Training Jersey
  • Hockey Socks (any colour)
  • Mouth guard
  • Garter belt (if not included in jock/pelvic protection)

All of the required, essential and recommended equipment is required by the EIHA to play organised ice hockey, but, in our sessions only the required and essential equipment is mandatory.

Please also bring:

  • lightweight long sleeve shirt and training leggings to go under kit
  • Shower gear & a towel.
  • Plus always bring a drink of water minimum 500ml, ideally 1litre.
  • Intermediates are expected to bring a White AND a dark shirt

Kit Hire

We offer kit hire for our beginner sessions.

Full kit: £17.50

Single items: £3.00 each

Kit hire excludes abdominal box/pelvic protector or skates.

We also sell equipment at demonxtreme.com, equipment bought can be shipped to you or brought to sessions for pickup on the day. 

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Booking And Cancellation

You may cancel without having to pay provided you cancel by text NO LATER THAN the day before the session and receive a reply. Please note that this applies to Goalies cancelling also (the fee applicable is payable as per a player). Cancel on the day and text notify us before the session, the session fee IS payable.

No Notice – No show – Some notice is better than no notice for us as organisers. If you don’t show and don’t tell us then a fine of £15 or a strike**** AND the session fee is charged. We don’t like having to charge people for this but it is very frustrating when we wait for you and you don’t turn up and often take a place that could have been filled.

****strikes maybe taken in lieu of payment of the £15 no notice no attendance but once a strike is taken you cannot pay the fine if it happens again. 3 strikes ie don’t turn up WITHOUT telling us before then you are banned from all our sessions for 1 year. This we hope will filter out unreliable people.